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30 Days Of Biz Challenge (NOVEMBER 1ST Cohort)




5 Weeks

About the Course

The 30 Days of Biz Challenge is a unique, hands-on experience that will help you take action in building your business. This challenge will help you cultivate your goals and build a network of other entrepreneurs - all while gaining valuable knowledge from the instructor, alongside other like-minded business owners. By the end of this challenge, you'll have an established business in your state in good standing, a business plan that's ready to implement, and continuous access to small business lenders in your state by taking advantage of this special partnership.

Your Instructor

Shanise Talia Williams

Shanise Talia Williams is a published poet, entrepreneur, healer, spiritualist, social worker, & founder of the Close-Knit Communities Coalition INC., House of Elevation INC., and House of Elevation Coaching & Consulting LLC. Shanise’s mission is to be the needle that threads love, leadership, and long-lasting change into our communities, movement space, political systems, and lives in general.

Shanise Talia Williams
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